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SAT Math


When preparing my students for the SAT exam, I always start by developing an individualized plan. The key is to identify the weaknesses in material knowledge as soon as possible and ensure that all those gaps get filled before the test date. I also teach SAT specific problem-solving techniques and time management skills.

Hiring a private tutor for SAT preparation is probably one of the best investments for parents. High SAT math score brings the student a step closer to getting accepted to top colleges as well as receiving a scholarship.

GRE Math


The GRE test requires knowing less material than the SAT test, and you are allowed to use the calculator throughout the whole quantitative section, so it seems that it should be easier to pass the GRE versus the SAT test, however, many students, especially those who are in the humanitarian field, tend to avoid math classes in their college years, and therefore pretty much forget everything by the time they need to apply to grad schools.

It takes patience and persistence on the side of both the student and the tutor to review the material studied in the past, as well as to get the hang of the new types of problems that quantitative section on the GRE favors.

High School Math


High school topics often include quadratic equations, polynomials, graphs of the functions and inequalities, geometry with formal proofs, introduction to trigonometry, probability and statistics, limits, and derivatives. Many of these concepts can seem abstract to the student, and this perception makes it difficult to comprehend new topics.

I believe the key is to bring as much concreteness as possible to any given topic. With my students, I always use real-life examples and applications. I also believe that the only way one could check if the student truly understands the concept is by presenting the material in a different and non-conventional form.

Middle School Math


Middle school is the time when the students become comfortable with fractions, decimals, percentages, negative numbers, inequalities, basics of geometry. They get a taste of linear equations and start using mathematics to solve real-world problems of higher significance than before. This also happens to be an extremely important habit-forming period.

Helping to develop structure in the mathematical solutions is one of the greatest gifts a tutor can provide to a student of this age. I always encourage all of my students to label their work correctly and be organized in their solutions. As problems will get more and more complicated, this would become an extremely valuable skill.

College Math


I have worked with all kinds of students at the college level. Students varied from those who chose mathematics as their life-time passion to those who would never use a single formula after they have passed their mandatory pre-calculus class. Obviously the approach is different with every single student. Some just need a guide and a knowledgeable companion on their mathematical adventure; others need a tutor who motivates them to get more than just a passing grade in their math class.

All those experiences are differently rewarding, and I cherish them all. As I always say, individuality matters! Thus I adjust my approach for every single student.

AMC Math


I love mathematics competitions! I have spent my whole childhood participating in them, and they have always been extremely entertaining for me! I enjoy working with kids who feel the same way about math competitions. I like to use the Art of Problem Solving books with my students as the main guide, and then I supplement with additional materials upon need.

Private Math Tutor in NYC

Top Rated Private SAT Tutor Ekaterina

 I have been finding pleasure in solving mathematical problems since early age. While in high school in Georgia, I participated in various math olympiads, as well as brought a gold medal from International Mathematics Project Competition in 2005. Subsequently I got my bachelor’s degree in Mathematics/Economics at American University in Bulgaria. During my years in college I was a chess club president and representative of the math department to the student government. Soon after I started my Master’s in Math at Courant Institute of New York University. Those were fun years, I opened myself to wonders of applied mathematics, as well as met some brilliant scientists. I was also working as Teaching Assistant through the course of my program. In 2013 my daughter was born and by the time I finished my Master’s, I decided instead of proceeding with the PhD as planned, to get acquainted with Early Childhood education, which subsequently directed me to look into homeschooling and individual training programs. I have looked into various approaches including, but not limited to Montessori, Waldorf, unschooling, etc. As I already had a teaching experience from Master’s program, I started working as a private tutor. I have worked with students from all over, including Hunter College High School; The High School for Math, Science and Engineering (HSMSE) at City College, NEST+M and NYU. I also have been preparing students for American Math Competition (AMC). I love my job and love working with kids, but I find especially big pleasure in working with challenging students, those who have no interest or willingness to learn math. It’s always gratifying finding ways to engage them in the learning process. My teaching goal is to bring out natural curiosity in students and ensure that they have it as a motivating tool through the course of their lifetime learning process. As Albert Einstein once said: “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” So let’s ensure that our kids never stop being curious!

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